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August already

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

The home is in transition. The mission team has come and gone, building a new chapel up on the hill. Brian (resident carpenter) has gone back to Vermont for a time. Nico (English teacher) has moved back to the Netherlands. Other volunteers have come and gone for the summer and the orphanage needs help.

I shipped a large box of goodies on the 20th of July. My understanding is that the box will arrive at the orphanage on August 6th or 7th. That’s excellent, as I will be there on the 11th. Yikes… that’s only a week from today.

This week, Orphan’s Hope Project did receive a very generous donation of $7,500 for the renovation of the two voluteer’s rooms. That renovation starts as soon as I get there. First, we will finish painting the rooms (from brown walls to white). Another donor gave me custom made curtains for the bedrooms and also for the admin office. Those will go up ASAP and provide privacy plus a more finished look. After the painting, I will be buying 6 or 7 new beds. What a relief it will be to have comfortable, clean new mattresses. Along with that, of course, will be mattress covers, fitted sheets, matching comfortors, new pillows, etc. We want those rooms to be comfortable for the volunteers that are spending their money and spending time working in the home. A good night’s sleep is essential.

The shipped box is full of many goodies for the boys. The Pinole Youth Commission donated lots of new socks & underwear. They also gave me 45 letters for the boys. Some letters are in Spanish and some are written in English. We hope to start some pen pal letter exchanges. Also in the box are spiral notebooks from the Oakland Raiders. Those notebooks didn’t fit in the last shipment. Other items for the boys include Disney washclothes, Matchbox cars, new shirts, more footballs and yellow Verb balls, toothbrushes, peanut butter, items for the cook, ESL materials and books, blankets and more! I also received 600 chocolate chip bars this morning. Some of those will fit in my luggage and some of those will be shipped in the December box.

The administrator and I are setting up a visit to one of the Guatemala City fire stations. All the boys and staff will be going. After that visit, I will be buying all the boys new shoes, compliments of the Boy Scouts in New Hampshire that had the garage sale at the end of May.

Yes, I’m excited to be going back. I am counting down the days.

7 more…. and I’ll be there.