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Beautiful Guatemala

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

One of the beautiful things about Guatemala… the scenery.
Here are three pictures that were taken on the way to Lake Atitlan in January 2008.

A couple of reasons

Friday, March 7th, 2008

One thing that these trips to Guatemala have taught me is that we here have sooooo much…. many people just don’t realize how lucky they are. It is so obvious to see that things don’t make us permanently happy. We are living in the land of sunshine and opportunity.

I gave the grandes blankets this time… they were ecstatic. They jockeyed to get in line and they proudly wore their blankets up to their rooms that night and put them on their beds. The medianos and grandes also got their soccer uniforms…..boy… that was one exciting day.

The boys are grateful for every thing you give them. I get so many hugs when I am in Guatemala. That is my reward.

I also worked in the community hospital for the two weeks that I stayed in Antigua, Guatemala. I was in Antigua for 2 weeks of language school. Some of the babies were post op and pre op for cleft palate surgery. Now those are pictures that would make you cry. Some of the kids were malnourished, some had cerebral palsey, one was Down’s Syndrome and some were being seated in wheelchairs for the first time. It was difficult for about 15 minutes and then after that…. they were just children that needed holding, feeding, touching, exercising, laughter and just general attention. I loved being in the hospital and getting to know their personalities.

And these are some of the reasons that I go back… again and again.

Thanks for your support.


This describes my work for and with the kids of the hogar (home)

Friday, March 7th, 2008


Look at any person who is a recognized leader in any field of endeavor and you will see passion. Passion makes things happen which would otherwise be considered impossible. Passion overcomes obstacles which long ago would have stopped mere interest or resolve.

Those who are passionate about what they do have an advantage that is nearly impossible to overcome. In passion there is energy, creativity, resilience and persistence. Passion will get it done.

There is something about which you are passionate. Find it, understand it, and connect it with what you are doing. Put the power of passion behind the things you do. Live and act in harmony with a purpose that touches your soul. Go beyond being inspired. Go beyond being merely motivated. Get really passionate and fulfill your greatest possibilities.